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200W Explosion-proof led mining lamp

Price: 面议


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  • Total supply:≥5000个
  • Chip brand:飞利浦
  • CCT:2700K,3000K,4000K...
  • Power:200w
  • Size:330*166MM
  • Lifespan:50000h
  • IP:IP65
  • Input vol.:AC85-265V
  • Weight:2-10kg
  • Model no.:UFO-08-200-HBGLC
  • Applicable:车间,球场,体育...
  • Working te:-20-45°
  • Beam angle:60° 90°
  • Luminous f:19500lm
  • Details
  • Specification parameter
  • Product certification

1. Lumileds LED Chips,Meanwell's Driver,No Flicker
2. Housing material is ADC 12
3. CCT:4000/5000/5700K, Bracket setup mode will add 20RMB,Merrytek 5.8G Motion sensor will add 200RMB
4. Function options:3 in 1 dimming(1-10Vdc,10V PWM signal and resistance)
5. This quotation does not include transportation costs,including tax need to add 12%
6. Payment:30% pre-payment by deposit,balance before delivery
7. Delivery time:3-5 days for samples,7-10 days for 500 pcs;
8. Period of validity:6 Months;
9. The quotation should be kept confidential,thank you!

Chip brand 飞利浦
CCT 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6000K,6500K
Power 200w
Size 330*166MM
Lifespan 50000h
Input vol. AC85-265V
Weight 2-10kg
Model no. UFO-08-200-HBGLC
Applicable environment 车间,球场,体育场,演唱会,图书馆,服务站,仓库,游泳池等等
Working tepmt. -20-45°
Beam angle 60° 90°
Luminous flux 19500lm
Material 铝材
Installation mode 吊装